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Best Cork Yoga Mat

What characteristics should you look to find the best cork yoga mat that is tied to your needs.


The benefits of the Cork Yoga Mat is that they are anti-bacterial, made of vegan material and eco-friendly. You can also search by:


Select a cork yoga mat that’s the correct width and length to accommodate your size. There are a few sizes to choose from: a standard mat is 24 x 68 inches, and longer mats are available in 72, 74, and 84-inch lengths.


The thinner the yoga mat, the smaller the amount of space it takes up when rolled. A travel mat typically has a thickness of 1.5 millimeters. For a cork mat that provides extra cushioning to protect sensitive knees, select one with six millimeter thickness.


Cork yoga mats range in price from $ 30 to upwards of $ 90. Inexpensive cork mats are thin and may be susceptible to chipping, which is why we recommend investing in a mat with thicker cork. Generally, the higher the price you pay, the more eco-friendly and natural the mat material.

If you take these characteristics into consideration, you will surely get the perfect mat for you.