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Cork Coasters

The Cork coasters are a beautiful, natural choice for protecting delicate surfaces from moisture and scratches.

Custom cork coasters

We all want to remember the most important dates of our lives, whether it is a wedding, birthday, graduation or simply in a small detail to let those people know that they are appreciated and remembered by you on those special dates, here we have these wonderful Eco-friendly personalized Cork coasters, where you can put that important date choosing the design that you like the most. all your loved ones and friends will remember the occasion in which you gave them these beautiful Cork coasters.

Cork coasters bulk

If you are the person in charge of planning a wedding, an event, restaurant owner or you simply do gathering with large numbers of people, these beautiful Eco-friendly Cork coasters bulk are for you. because you are always going to need large amounts for your events and with this Cork coasters you have the certainty that you help the planet a the Same time having quality.

Wine cork coasters

If you are proud to be 100% original to have decoration pieces for your home that are unique as your style, here you can get extremely cute handmade Wine cork coaster, they are a unique detail for your home. With them you can be sure that they are not mass-manufactured and that makes them even more special.

Round cork coasters

The shapes of the objects with which we decorate our home always have an important meaning that reflects aspects of our personality, an example is the circle. A Circle closes on itself, and therefore represents unity, the absolute, perfection. If you are a perfectionist these Round cork coasters are for you, they are perfect to bring the unity of a whole to your home.

Square cork coasters

Your home is the place where you can always be yourself, the way you take into account all the details to turn it into your space, one of those many details are these Square cork coasters with them you will protect the surfaces of your tables and they will give a view Eco-friendly to your house, you can also give them to your loved ones.

Because are Eco-friendly that makes them an excellent option for people who love to take care of the planet, they are also very attractive and lightweight, and can help you for a time you want to throw a party, they can be a nice detail in the decoration.

This cork coasters will not harm tables or toes if the are dropped. These cork Coasters are obtained from the cork oak tree this detail is important because the are cuts only the bark to harvest and the cork oak continues to live and grow.

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