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Cork place card holders

The wedding is one of the most important dates for a couple, this is the celebration of the beginning of their life, that’s why it is important to take into account all the details of the decoration, if you would like to have a romantic and at the same time unconventional or bohemian decoration. the theme of wine is for you.

A detail that will surely help you have that air are the wine cork place card holders they are something that your guests will adore and it will be a nice memory of your special date, here on our site we have a variety for you to choose.

Place card holders for weddings

Your place card holder will be a unique product handmade with a lot of love and dedication for your special day. can be used for weddings, or any special occasion.
100% Natural Cork of High Quality

When to choose a cork place card holder?

If you are looking to organize a wedding or event with vintage style, boho chic, rustic, or in a vineyard and you are betting on a natural and casual atmosphere, there is one detail that you should pay special attention to, and that is the decoration.

It is good to add something original and innovative to the table such as some wine cork place card holders, which one your guests will love, they can take as a souvenir, and place a photo of them from that special day.

Their reaction when they arrive at the table will be amazing !!!In addition, if you are one who have respectful life habits for the planet, this project is also for you, cork is a 100% natural and ecological resource and best of all, it is not necessary to cut down the tree for extraction, so It is also sustainable and we conserve the environment.

Types of cork place card holders and uses:

The corks place card holders can be brand new, used, horizontal, vertical, and even customized cork place card holders.

They are normally used for weddings, birthdays, wine and cheese tastings and other events with vintage, boho chic and rustic style.

Where do I get the corks or where can I buy them?

You can store yours corks after having finished a good wine or even ask for them at the closest restaurant, they will surely be happy to give them to you. But you can also get them new and used here without having to leave your home.

How to make my own cork place card holder?

Now that we know how we can use them and where we can obtain them, we are going to start our project.

You will only need some wine corks, (one for each guest at your table) preferably a serrated knife or craft knife a marker and voila.

Materials for make cork place card holders

 Today we are going to make two types of cork place card holders, one vertical ideal for marking place names and one horizontal cork place card holders that you can use as place markers or to indicate the table number.

corks place card holders hand made

Vertical cork place card holder

Let’s start with the vertical one, which is much simpler to do so you can take practice.

The first step is to check that all the wine stoppers are clean, in good condition, that they stand on their own, that they are not broken and that they are all more or less the same height.

Used wine corks for place card holders

The next thing to do is to place the cork horizontally in a flat place and draw a guide line where we will make the cut of the slit that will hold the card.

Using the knife we ​​carefully cut the slit moving from front to back until a clean cut is obtained. where we are going to place our card.

how cut wine corks

ready to put it on the table

vertical cork place card holder

note: the size of the cards that we will use will depend in this case on the size of our corks.


Horizontal cork place card holder If you already know how to make vertical place card holders let’s go to the second level, it is time to make horizontal place card holders. You already know that the wine stoppers must be clean and in good condition, in this case it is not necessary that they all have the same size or that they stand on their own, what is very important is that you place the most beautiful side of the cork forward and make sure that all the wine stoppers are correctly positioned, so that the impression is not reversed. The next thing to do is to place the cork horizontally in a flat place and draw a guide line where we will make the first cut, which will allow our card holder to hold on the table.

Once the line is marked we carefully cut with the knife along the cork. it will look like the picture

How cut wine corks for place card holders – bottom

Place the cork on the table supported by the cut we made earlier, trace two marks on the edge of the cork where you want the indentation that would hold the card to go (I like it to be in the middle), carefully make the cut by Where you previously traced the marks to the cork.

How cut wine corks for place card holders – top

Is ready you have your first handmade cork place card holder.

wine cork place card holders with used wine corks

It is important that we be very careful when making the slit that will hold the card, the depth will depend on the size of the card that you are going to place, if you want your card holder to mark the table number, the slit must reach at least to the middle of the cork so that it does not fall when we place the card, it must also be totally vertical and in the center, remember that the corks have an approximate weight of 4 grams and if the cut is not vertical, it could fall through the card weight.

Place card holders made of cork halves Didn’t you manage to get a cork for each guest on time? Don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to make some really cute and fast cork halves card holders. place the knife in the middle of the cork to make a cut and divide it into two equal parts.

How cut wine cork halves

Take each of the halves and make a slit in the middle to place the cards.

How cut wine cork halves

Beautiful cork card holders made with half the material. (Brilliant)

Halves of wine corks hand made

Where should I not use a cork place card holder?

If you chose to host your event in an outdoor location where there is a lot of wind and the card is large, this is probably not the best option for you since the card could easily fall off.

What size card should I use in a cork card holder?

the size of the cards that you are going to use in a cork place card holder can vary depending on the height of the cork in the case of verticals, and in horizontals the most frequent size is 5 cm x 8 cm if you are going to use them as place markers and up to 10 cm x 14 cm in case we are going to use the cork card holder to hold a table number for example. (I’ve already tried it and it works)

Corks brand new or used corks?

If you are looking for a rebellious, vintage and unbridled style then you will not have problems with the corks that you are going to use to make your card holders have different sizes and some brands of wine, the option of recycling cork or used wine corks is your thing.

If instead you are looking to have original and uniformly sized card holders, the best option for you is to use new corks, these will allow you to have a vintage and neat style at the same time.

If crafts are not your thing but you love the idea of ​​having cork place card holders at your event, don’t worry, you can order them at a low price and you can even customize them. See our products Here