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Wine Cork Keychains

keychains are a practical detail with which we can represent our tastes about a theme, for wine lovers we have custom wine cork keychain, there are several personalized models to give as a souvenir at a wedding, save the date or party. Give this detail to your friends and loved ones as a souvenir of your special day.

Why use cork keychains?

Cork is the bark of the cork oak (Quercus suber L.), an ancient tree that grows in the Mediterranean basin.

The bark is removed every nine years without cutting or damaging the tree, and is one of nature’s greatest wonders. It is a totally natural plant material and, therefore, biodegradable. Its ability to retain CO2 makes it an example of sustainability and a powerful ally against climate change.

It also floats easily so if you are in the pool you will not lose your keys 😉